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by marijuana growers wreaking havoc on wildlife and on our environment. >>> the family of the 13-year-old boy shot and killed by a sheriffs deputy has filed legal claims against the sonoma county board of supervisors. the move is seen as a precursor to a lawsuit. at the same time, there's a new push to get the u.s. commission on civil rights involved to investigate claims that the boy's death points to a larger problem within the county. nbc bay area's monty francis joins us in santa rosa with the details tonight. >> reporter: raj, good evening. the family filed three claims against the county. one on behalf of the boy's mothers. another on behalf of the boy's father. a third on behalf halhalf of hi. supporters of the boy's family are gathering for a day of the dead observance at the spot he was killed. it's a mexican holiday honoring the spirit and memory of loved ones who have died. on everyone's mind is 13-year-old andy lopez. the documents filed by his family do not specify the amount of damages being sought but call the shooting unreasonable and unjustified. as the memorial for 13-year-o
environment. >>> celebrity divorces adopt always have to get ugly. according to various reports demi moore and ashton kutcher reached an amicable agreement in their divorce proceedings two years after their split. >>> david bowie celebrated halloween by releasing a creepy new video. according to the press release, he released a new clip for "love is lost" in his new apartment for 13 bucks. >>> the piano man plans to bring in the new year brooklyn style. billy joel will perform a new year's eve concert at the barclay center making it his first new york city show in seven years. >>> finally, katy perry happily left one legendary rocker off her list of high-profile romances. this was way back when. the pop star says she stiff armed milk jagger when he made a pass at her when she was 18 years old. she was back-up singer for the rolling stones. jagger says perry is confusing the rocker with someone else. i don't know his relationship status, but who would deny hitting on an 18-year-old katy perry. that's perfectly acceptable. >> she's a beautiful girl. can't blame the guy. >> not saying he didn
not exist in some sort of isolated environment. >> reporter: political analyst, larry gerston, says what's good for san jose has to be good for other cities. he says luring employees and managers from one city to another is nothing new. still, san jose shouldn't get upset when other cities are poaching its cops. >> as long as everyone is competing for these people, everyone has to be a big boy and girl about it and realize what goes one way can go the other. >> reporter: while san jose police would not talk about this policy on camera, they did say the intent was never to lure new recruits away from other cities. licardo thinks the police policy is a good one. >> we should continue to encourage our officers to be out there talking to other officers, who may be interested in a career here in san jose. we know that's happening in every city in the bay area. >> reporter: to which critics say don't get mad when other cities do it to you. we have reported that roughly 17 new recruits have graduated from the police academy last month in san jose. either have one foot out the door or have alrea
responding to what customers want but first and foremost insuring we have a safe environment. >> reporter: an faa investigative committee found the vast majority of planes can tolerate radio interference from electronic devices. it's now up to each and individual airline to come up with its own policy for faa approval. that means by the end of the year all of us should be able to use electronic devices from take off to landing but in airplane mode. delta airlines says it's ready starting tomorrow if the faa approves its plan. >> anything you hang on to, your e-readers, your tablets, those will be able to be on your lap and used gate to gate. >> reporter: it was welcome news at gate d-12 in miami today where stan lacey was multitasking waiting to fly home to sacramento. >> i tell them to power it down. if they say it is safe that is when it is safe. >> reporter: so this is good news for you. >> it's great news. >> reporter: you don't have to be a cop anymore. while cell connections need to stay off, you need to connect to the plane's wi-fi system which the airlines charge for. and there's
of gold at a cost to our environment. >> and it doesn't just impact our state. these are our national treasures. these are our national forests and national parks. >> and just this week, senator dianne feinstein urged the environmental protection agency to step in and help fight the environmental damage caused by pot groves in the centralvale. it's not just happying there, it's happening throughout the state. >> if you have a tip for elise or anyone else in our investigative unit, call us an at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to >> now to a developing story this halloween. a night of trick or treating turned dangerous for two young boys. a driver hit a 12 and 13-year-old in the town of clover dale about 30 minutes north of santa rosa. police say the driver is a 75-year-old man who is cooperating with the investigation he is not believed to have been drinking, speeding or using his cell phone. the boys were transported to the hospital but their conditions not released. >>> new tonight, a family from brazil is in san francisco tonight on a frantic search for a loved on
halloween. >> boo! >> don't scare me. >>> alaska is a very extreme environment. >> 30-foot seas. >> hurricane-force winds. >> we go in, in some really bad situations. and we always pull it off. >> we hit the water, game on. >> underwater, go! >> the reason why we all do this job is to save lives. >> a lot of the times the cost guard comes before the family. >> when he's out flying, i do pray. >> i love you, daddy. >> making contact with the survivors. >>> fall is finally hire. and for every season, there's a reason to watch. >> all your local weather, travel updates and the day's top stories. >> you just can't beat this kind of weather. >> everything you need to know. >> tap into us. >> wake up with al, weekday mornings at 6:00 and 10:00. only on the weather channel. [ female announcer ] why do we think a tiny breakfast helps us weigh less? eat all this with new special k multi-grain cereal. data shows women who eat breakfast tend to weigh less than those who don't. a new perspective. what will you gain when you lose? for digestive health? yes and did you know that trubiotics is
to environment for the entire now, there are also plans to take outu 104 o7otrees,<(q mo existing safeway storeÑi and to put in a, news. >>> a developing story out of police in berkeley at this hour where a body washed up on the shoreline this afternoon.jf norths were called to west frontage road about 3:30 in the afternoon. that's about half a mile south of university.okÑiçóq no'3c5Ñ say the body appears to be that of an adult male. police are still there. the coroner is also enroute. anotherb<"evelopinp( story you' been seeing for days. you're looking live fromÑióomokc chopper. rally gettingçó under way in saa rosa right now. tku8marchers are demanding just he's the teenager shot while assault rifle. tonight we're learning more about what happened in the minuting leading up to that have shooting. we're live in saném rosa with the latest.çóxdçó a. >> asçó you can see, this marchs just getting under way.q they're jujr @r(t&háhp &hc santa rosa. "át way, and they've been here for every marchfá so far. now, thisq crowd is very emotign emotional. they laid to rest andys7ç
rush for marijuana instead of gold at a cost to our environment. >> it doesn't just impact our state. these are our national treasures. our national forrests and national parks. >> just this week, diane fine stin urged the environmental protection agency to step in and fight the environmental dpaj caused by pot growers in the central valley. but it's not just happening there. it's happening throughout the state. . >> what caused yesterday's collision of two sky dive planes in wisconsin. today the wreckage of the plane that was crashed was removed. all 11 people from both planes survived the accident. aircraft were flying at 12,000 feet, seconds away from the final jump of the day. suddenly those plane kos lieded and one plane's wing were sheered off. the sky divers jumped but said they were still in a lot of trouble. >> the sky divers, we live for the excitement, but tonight was a little bit over the top. we had a couple of airplanes that decided to take up the same sar space as we were climbing oit. >> more security than ever before for the new york city marathon today. the race dre
contentious environment after news reports surfaced that martin bullying and suffering mental distress the coach read another statement on friday saying bullying won't be tolerated. >> we have a culture of team first and accountability andd respect for one another. >> reporter: players and sports reporters say hazing and practical jokes in football locker rooms are commonplace. adam beasley of the miami herald says martin's response is highly unusual. >> it's against the cardinal rule you cannot leave your teammates particularly in the season. >> reporter: but a doctor, a psychiatrist, says bullizing a serious matter, not just limited to children. >> it doesn't matter how big you are and it doesn't matter how tough you are. emotionally, anybody can be bullies. >> reporter: the nfl players association is now reportedly reviewing the martin incident and considers it a major priority. for "today," mark potter, nbc news, miami. >>> now here is lester. >> thanks. >>> forget black friday. one of the nation's lars retailers says the time to start your holiday shopping is now or even yesterday
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Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10